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To Die for

I've only been there twice so far and saw two differently stylists, but I also got two fantastic haircuts! The first woman I went to was personable and talented but a little pricey. I'd love to see her regularly but can't afford her. The second time I went, I saw a junior stylist who was more affordable and gave me a great haircut, so I'll probably stick with her. And the shampoos are to die for!! I would seriously go just to have that head massage!

—Tracy Yelp

Baltimore's Best Hair Salon

Bella is tucked away on Boston Street, right next to Bay Cafe. I've been going here since I moved to Baltimore in 2003. Having grown up in NY (think City), my expectations of a hair salon are rather high. The talented staff at Bella blows away every salon in NY. Although I swear by Kristen, the owner, all of the ladies there are impressive and would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend. Leaving Baltimore is not an option for me unless I can take this salon with me.

—JenSquared (via Citysearch)

Best in Baltimore, Without a Doubt!

I LOVE Bella of Canton! I have been going to Kristen, the owner, for years, and she never disappoints. She is a perfectionist in everything she does, including the people she hires. I would feel comfortable going to anyone there. I’ve seen their work, and this is an impressive group of people. It’s no wonder this salon is consistently named one of the best in Baltimore. I live in Federal Hill and happily cross the pond to Canton. The private parking is a perk, and the salon setting is so picturesque. From my chair, I can watch the boats in the harbor or just close my eyes and chill out with a glass of wine. Even though I have been going there for years, Kristen always takes the time to ask questions and talk to me about what I want and what she has in mind. I've never written an on-line review before, but this is a good time to start. I can't say enough good things about these folks. If you haven’t been to Bella, give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  • Upscale but, at the same time, laid back

—yelirma (via Citysearch)

You are the Best!

Kristen, You are the the best (coolest and nicest) stylist in all of Baltimore! Your generosity and kindness do not go unnoticed and your endless creativity is another plus. Thanks for being you!

—Katie, 2010

I Love It!

Thank you so much for all your hospitality and for the many hours you graciously spend on my hair! I love it so much and the whole experience even more! I was very relaxed and felt right at home. I can't wait to pick a date for my wedding just so I can book with you! I must say that my fiance was very shocked but is officially loving it as well. I've never received so many compliments! Thank you!!!

—Jessica, 2010

Feeling and Looking Great!

Thank you for taking the time to really look at my face and figure out what would be best for me. It was exactly what I have been wanting, but could not express to anyone. And I didn't have to, you got it without me having to say anything! I haven't felt or looked as good in over a year.

—Angela, 2010

Fabulous Color

Thank you for the fabulous color! I'm really enjoying the change. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is amazing!! Everyday is a great hair day now and it is so quick to style. You're the Best! Thank you for all the care you take to make each visit superb!

—Melba, October 2009

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Since getting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, my hair is so manageable! The texture is so smooth and it takes minutes to style now. There's no need to blow dry and flat iron. I can be out the door in minutes!

—Monica M., August 2009

Such a “lift”

I want you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy coming to Bella! Even in these trying times it is such a “lift” and I wouldn't give it up if at all possible! I have always loved the job you do and your attention to detail. Thank you so much for the discount it is so appreciated. I want to thank you and your great team for being so thoughtful and understanding. Again I thank you for all that you do!

—A.S. Lutherville, Md., May 2009

Love It

I've been going to Bella for a long time, and I still love it. The stylists are great; I won't share the name of mine (her wait is long enough!) but I will say that I have never seen anyone leave the salon short of looking fabulous. I wear my contacts instead of my glasses when I go so I can see the “makeovers” in progress. My experience is that the stylists really listen to what you need/want. Start to finish is a joy, whether it's the free snacks or the scalp massage from the shampoo person, or the reflexology while you wait to the haircut.

—May 2007

Best Salon

I love Bella of Canton. I've been going since almost the beginning—5 years???—and can say that it is still a super place to get a great haircut. The location is great; the atmosphere relaxing. I always get a Fresca and cracker jack while I wait (other treats are there too, wine, cider, etc., but I love getting snacks I never buy for myself at home)…the hair washers do great scalp massages (I have fallen asleep before during one wash); they just started offering reflexology too, and I got a free sample—it was super! Talk about a great foot massage! Before finding Bella, I had gone to Chas (worst cut of my life) and Corbins (he kept trying to straighten my hair—wanted me to buy a flat iron…). Bella is the place that I have stayed b/c they listen to me—and to my hair!

—January 2007